Sports Palace ‘Dhimitraq Goga’

The Sports Palace ‘Dhimitraq Goga’ is a modern and very important investment in the basketball community in Albania and the region. Inaugurated on March 18, 2018, the Sports Palace has a capacity of 800 seats as well as modern facilities and equipment, certified by FIBA and meeting all the conditions for national and international matches. This Sports Palace is the first private investment of its kind in the country, and it bears the name of the prominent basketball player from Durrës, ‘Dhimitraq Goga’.

The ‘Dhimitraq Goga’ Sports Palace has already turned into a well-known sports center in the national and international ranks as various matches have been played as part of the Basketball Super League Championship in Albania, the Unique League, the National Volleyball Championship, the European Volleyball Championship of ages, matches of the Albanian National Basketball Team, Taekwendo championships of ages, and beyond.

  • 800 seats capacity
  • 6 dressing rooms
  • 1 meeting room
  • 1 strength gym
  • 1 doctor’s room and ambulance
  • Led wall and audio system
  • Electronic points system
  • Environment for media and camera
  • Ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Security camera system

Training facilities and accommodation

Goga Sports Center is a modern sports facility with a total area of 15,000 m2. The structure consists of the ‘Dhimitraq Goga’ Sports Palace, outdoor basketball courts, tennis court, semi-Olympic swimming pool and accommodation structure of 20 rooms.

  • Hall A – the main field with over 800 spectator seats, which is mainly used for national and international matches, certified by FIBA.
  • Hall B – court with standard dimensions of 38 m x 22 m. Equipped with 8 basketball hoops, this court is suitable for basketball courses and training in hand games. The hall has four dressing rooms, toilet, air conditioning system and LED lighting.
  • Outdoor courts – two basketball courts measuring 25 m x 14 m and a tennis court measuring 36 m x 18 m. The fields are built with maximum quality in flooring and lighting, offering a fantastic environment for use during the summer and beyond.
  • Swimming pool – The swimming pool is semi-Olympic with dimensions of 25 m x 12 m and a depth of 1.5 m. The pool has 5 racing lanes and is suitable for swimming courses, various competitions, summer camps and various events.
  • Accommodation – In the Goga Sports Center there is a sports hotel with a capacity of 20 rooms. The rooms are of different types, starting from single rooms to rooms with 5 beds, with a maximum capacity of about 70 beds, suitable for team gatherings, group packages or summer camps. The accommodation structure also contains a bar and kitchen.

Group tours

Goga sports Center is ideal for group trips, both in the case of professional teams that gather before important matches, also for organized groups from local and foreign sports clubs, schools and private. In cooperation with the tourist agency “Spot Albania”, Goga sports Center offers accommodation packages combining sports activities with cultural tourism, turning the trip to Albania into an unforgettable experience.

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